Barista Bar

From craft beer to cocktails, carnitas to the signature Superior Street Burger, MileNorth Chicago, has dining options to please every palate. The Barista Bar, located in the lobby, is the ideal place to cozy up in a corner with a cup of Intelligentsia® coffee or enjoy a glass of wine while people watching. While there are grab-and-go options, the bar boasts a menu that has equally great picks for power lunches or leisurely dinners. 

As inviting as a friend's kitchen table, the casual, open layout connects this cafe in downtown Chicago comfortably to the hotel's lobby living room, drawing guests in with our "come as you are" atmosphere. The welcoming ambiance invites everyone to simply hang out and peruse the adjacent bookshelves - stocked with titles by a variety of authors, including a few Chicagoans, of course. In the lobby bar, friendly baristas serve up good-for-you and just-plain-good delights in the morning, including natural fruit juices, smoothies, coffees and pastries, ideal for locals picking up breakfast on their way to work and guests rushing off to morning meetings. At night, the lobby bar transitions into a lively neighborhood hot spot serving small, sharable plates along with local brews, signature cocktails and wine. Guests can join us daily at our table for breakfast in this cafe in Chicago to enjoy our our classic American breakfast with fresh ingredients. The marketplace provides fresh fare - crisp salads, wraps and sandwiches for those on the go. 

The Barista Bar offers a subtle nod to the famed Chicago skyline in the lobby décor, old-fashioned wood ceiling and dark woods mixed with modern geometrics and vibrant bursts of lime green and orange. The Barista Bar provides a welcoming and engaging atmosphere where doctors and nurses, artists and bankers, retailers and shoppers can strike up a conversation at the bar, on the patio, or in the lobby living room. Between the freshly inspired regional cuisine, the genuine  hospitality and the inclusive and interactive environment, the Barista Bar stakes its claim as Chicago's favorite place to indulge and socialize.

Hours of Operation:

6:00am- 11:00pm Sunday- Thursday

6:00am- 12:00am Friday- Saturday

Please call 312-523-0911 for any additional information. 

Did You Know...

milenorth has some of the biggest rooms in downtown chicago 

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